Archbishop Buti Tlhagale Declares the Marian Shrine the Monument of Mercy

archbishop marian shrine

Archbishop Buti Tlhagale

During the beautiful and colorful ceremony closing the Jubilee of Mercy in the Archdiocese on 19 Nov 2016 at the Cathedral of Christ the King, the Archbishop in responding to the request of Pope Francis declared the Marian Shrine as a lasting memorial or monument of mercy. Here is the text of declaration:

‘How  beautiful  it would be  to have as a  reminder/a memorial … in  every Diocese during this Year of  Mercy, an  institutional  expression  of Mercy  e.g. a  Hospital…   It would  be very good  for each  Diocese  to consider:   What can  we leave as a living memory,  as  a work of  living mercy,  as a  wound of the living Jesus  Christ for this  Year of Mercy?  Let us reflect on this  and speak to our  Bishops  about  it.’  Words of the Holy Father, Pope Francis,  at the Prayer Vigil on the occasion  of the Jubilee of Divine Mercy, on  Saturday  2  April  2016.

After much thought and prayer about this desire and request of  The Holy Father:  we  have decided and declare  that the  Archdiocesan Marian  Shrine will be our  permanent living memory  to  God’s Mercy.

Our Archdiocesan  Marian Shrine will be  committed to:

  1. Corporal Acts of Mercy
  2. Promote and develop Marian  Devotion
  3. Prayer and Spirituality

This  Shrine  will be  called  Our Lady Mother of Mercy

The Archdiocesan Marian Shrine now needs to be developed; we need and are counting on the generous support of all Catholics  of the  Archdiocese.

May  Our  Merciful  Lord  and Our  Lady Mother of Mercy  bring this  Archdiocesan project  to a happy conclusion.