A shrine will become a place of refuge, a safe harbor to nurture the faith and personality of our youths and children, a place to encounter God through Mary our mother who will invite them to always do whatever Jesus tells them.

Sodalities in the Archdiocese will find the shrine a safe haven for all their activities. Priests and other collaborators will be available to supply all their pastoral and social needs. They will return home, renewed and strengthened to continue the work of evangelism.

A shrine will provide a powerful tool for public devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Different kinds of devotions to Our Lady will be encouraged and fostered.

A shrine will provide an opportunity for Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration, a prolongation of the beautiful experience of the Holy Mass. It will become a place of spiritual healing and reconciliation.

A shrine will foster traditional Catholic devotions especially the Stations of the Cross. It will be designed in such a way as to reflect the true meaning of Calvary and participating in the Stations of the Cross either as individuals or as a group will immerse us in the mystery of our salvation.